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News & Notes

ArtsFest is proud to announce the Judges Awards. And the Best of Show awardee for Off the Wall.

Thanks to our judges : Robin Makowski, Suzanne Connors, Geoffrey Smith and Suzanne Northcutt. And our judges for ArtsFest Off the Wall: Liz Bonan, Neil Capozzi, and Ben Sharfi.

Image: Brent Mcahren's mural.

ArtsFest Will Call Tickets

For our friends and members who either purchased tickets in advance, or received them as a benefit of membership/sponsorship, and haven't stopped in at the Court House Cultural Center (80 SE Ocean Boulevard, Stuart), they will be held for you throughout the weekend at the Cultural Center front desk between 10 am and 5 pm daily. Please stop to get your tickets before going to either of the ArtsFest admission gates.

If you arrive after 5 pm on Saturday for ArtsFest After Dark, will call is located at the WEST gate (in front of the Courthouse, corner of E Ocean and Detroit).

Start here to get ready for your ArtsFest weekend, A downloadable map with artist list is available on the ArtsFest home page along with daytime entertainment. Then look at each ArtsFest detailed page for everything you want to know about ArtsFest. Remember starting at 5 PM is ArtsFest After Dark, and only the WEST gate will be open for guests. You may come and go all day long, just get your hand stamped but we do not allow pets (our apologies).