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Jane Miller Presents- Paintings By American Ashcan Artists

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
2:00 pm4:30 pm
Blake Library - John F. and Rita M. Armstrong Wing

Jane Miller Presents
Art Spot Special - Paintings By American Ashcan Artists. Jane Miller presents 50 paintings on the big screen and discusses the art and the lives of the Ashcan Artists. As the 20th century began, the realists of the Ashcan School pictured life in the city streets of New York ghettos. The leading figures in this confrontational art were Robert Henri, George Luks, Everett Shinn and John Sloan. Featured also is the dynamic art of George Bellows who captured the energy of the boxing ring and the racetrack as well as New York winter landscapes. (2 hours). This event is sponsored by the Friends of Martin County Library System.