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High School Juried Art Show

Each year the Arts Council presents the Marvin S. Cone Annual High School Juried Art Show to recognize the artistic talents of Martin County high school students. The art teachers at each school select each piece of artwork for entry in the exhibit. It is a highly competitive process; the categories for cash awards are photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media/assemblage, printmaking, and drawing. The awards reception is held at the Court House Cultural Center Gallery. Additionally, each high school principal and the school superintendent select pieces to purchase that become a part of a permanent collection at their respective high schools and the superintendent's office.

For more information about the Arts In Education programs, please feel free to contact us.

About Marvin S. Cone:

Marvin S. Cone, a local writer, poet, art collector, entrepreneur, and educator was inspired by the creativity of art students in Martin County. He sought to encourage young people to pursue even greater achievements by transforming the annual high school art exhibit into an event that truly recognized student's artistic accomplishments. Established in 1987, the Marvin S. Cone Annual High School Juried Art Show honors its founder and his unrelenting enthusiasm for young people, for the arts, and for his timeless efforts in making this event what it is today.

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High School Juried Show 2016

  • Awards List – Marvin S Cone 30th Annual High School Juried Art Show (2016)

    Honorable Mention Awards (across category):
    1) “Alhambra” by Olivia Brogdon
    2) “The Faults Between Hybrid Behavior” by Kelly Campbell
    3) “Sides of Suicide” by Ryan Chimelis
    4) “Music Frees the Soul” by Anna Dotterer
    5) “Healing” by Hannah Koedam
    6) “Life in Cycle” by Shannon McCarthy
    7) “Self Portrait” by Matthew Naluai
    8) “Paradox” by Kalen Rossario
    9) “Materialistic Madness” by Philippa Parnevik
    10) “Flowers, Tea Set” by Jennifer Yao

    For Drawing:
    3rd Place: “I Didn’t Do it” Alyssa Macchia
    2nd Place: “Calor Interno, Furia Externa” by Danial Amaro
    1st Place: “Halfway Gone” by Brynn Johnson

    For Mixed Media:
    3rd Place: “Eisotrophobia” by Margret Rogers
    2nd Place: “Falsified Frames” by Karina Sowerbutts
    1st Place: “A House Divided” by Casey Witte

    For Painting:
    3rd Place: “Life of Frogs” by Coral Rose
    2nd Place: “Chelonia Astra Sp. Nov” by Sarah Wetterer
    1st Place: “The Journey” by Arielle Danchenko

    For Sculpture:
    3rd Place: “Pollination Station” by Morgan Matthews
    2nd Place: “Mr. Hotdog Man” by Haley Hutchins
    1st Place: “Suburban Quilt” by Sage Duffy

    For Photography/Digital Prints:
    3rd Place: “Light in the Darkness” by Olivia Wilson
    2nd Place: “Sicko” by Grace Baum
    1st Place: “Fade to Earth” by Ryan Chimelis

    For Best of Show: “Creativity Amongst Us” by Shelby Baillie


    Superintendent’s Purchase Award: “Stop, Look, & Listen” by Coral Rose
    Jensen Beach High School Purchase Award: “Creativity Amongst Us” by Shelby Baillie; “I Didn’t Do It” by Alyssa Macchia
    Martin County High School Purchase Award: “The Mentor” by Madilyn Amico; “Spring in Seattle” by Lisette Koessick
    South Fork High School Purchase Award: “Untitled” by Brooke Taylor
    Clark Advanced Learning Center Purchase Award: “The Woman in the Shadows” by Rose Kissel
    Pine School Purchase Award: “Light in the Darkness” by Olivia Wilson
    Senator Joe Negron’s Purchase Award: “Leading Palms” by Brooke Mejias
    Supervisor of Elections Purchase Award: “A House Divided” by Casey Witte
    Elliott Museum Purchase Award: “Life in Cycle” by Shannon McCarthy
    Children’s Services Council: “Through the Eyes of a Child” by Julia McKee
    Zweben Law Group: “The Faults Between Hybrid Behavior” by Kelly Campbell