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Last year it was Power Up Excellence, with a focus on training for arts organizations, this year we’re focusing on the individual artist – in all media – writing, painting, music and more! Professional development and continuing education is a critical component of any profession – and the ARTS are a profession. Professional education strengthens the arts community both economically and creatively. Study up on issues that affect your career! Legal, Marketing and Improving your Creativity. Advanced registration is required.

(Click above to register for this workshop).

(Click above to register for this workshop).

If you’re feeling stuck creatively or are simply ready to expand your creative expression, this interactive workshop is for you. It makes no difference if you’re an artist, entrepreneur, business person, homemaker or retiree — everyone is creative — you just may need some additional support. In this workshop you will get that and more:

• explore ways to express yourself creatively
• examine what’s keeping you stuck
• gain tips to unlock your creativity
• tap into your passions
• enhance your creative thinking ability
• ignite your creative engine

(Click above to register for workshop / Date to be determined in early Fall).



Familiarize artists with basic concepts of copyright, how to obtain and manage copyrights and intellectual property, and some basic concepts of contracting.




Supported with grants from Women Supporting the Arts and Art License Plates.