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What We Do

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MartinArts Programs & Services: Connecting the Arts to Your Life

For our Children: Arts Education Services

Working with the School District and other educational partners, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, Tykes & Teens, the Arts Council advocates for arts education. Through several funding streams, the Arts Council coordinates programs designed to enhance and expand the arts education students receive in the traditional school schedule, including Plein Air Arts Day, the High School Juried Art Show, Picture People, and Cultural Conversations.

For Artists: Support for Artists and Arts Organizations

A primary component of our role in the community is to support artists and arts organizations. This takes many forms but includes ArtsFest, an online registry for artists, seminars on topics for professional development, networking meetings for staff/volunteers of arts organizations and promotional activities.

For our Quality of Life: MartinArts

Twice per year a comprehensive arts and events magazine is produced and distributed through a variety of means. At the Court House Cultural Center, a brochure rack is utilized by the cultural community as a communication vehicle. MartinArts.Org website is a vital component of providing arts information to a wide community, offering an events calendar, visual and performing artist’s registry, and more.

For our Local Economy: Impact

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV provides compelling new evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture are a significant industry in Martin County - one that generates $27.2 million in local economic activity. This spending - $14.3 million by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and an additional $12.9 million in event-related spending by their audiences - supports 752 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $14.4 million in household income to local residents, and delivers $3 million in local and state government revenue. This economic impact study sends a strong signal that when we support the arts, we not only enhance our quality of life, but we also invest in Martin County's economic well-being. With our leadership the County has included the arts in their public art program, comprehensive plan and in the tourism tax. 

For our Environment:

The Arts Council believes in eco art as an innovative and creative way to find solutions to our environmental and water quality woes. We led a two-year internships program with local artists apprenticing with internationally acclaimed ecoartist, Betsy Damon.  A project launched in 2014 in the City of Stuart (Mangrove Park) is a direct outcome of our initiative and will feature Jesse Etelson as lead artist.