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First Friday CREEK Walk

Friday, January 3, 2020
5:00 pm8:00 pm
The Creek Arts + Entertainment District

THE CREEK is an exciting expansion development for downtown Stuart! It gives a name and identity to a part of town that has already quietly established itself as a hub for live entertainment, performing and visual arts, nightlife and eateries, and unique and varied arts, music, and service businesses. THE CREEK Arts and Entertainment District includes Kiwanis Park to the North to Colorado to the West, US1, Kindred Street, Johnson Street & Florida to the South, Dixie Highway to the East and back to Kiwanis Park -- Colorado Avenue from US1 to the Circle/ Ocean Ave, and surrounding side streets stretching down the south and east sides of Colorado Ave toward Bruner Pond. The exact boundaries will be shared soon. This is designed to be a walkable area, to allow visitors to follow a “path” of stops, both daytime and nighttime, to discover and explore this part of town.

THE CREEK will be home to its own special events, and will draw artists and arts-related businesses to the area. Having a designated, official ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT is good for Stuart, and very good for the performing and visual artists who need a platform to showcase and share their talents -- and who deserve an audience and appreciation. It is good for Martin County, and promotes the fact that Stuart cares about, values, and is committed to THE ARTS. Imagine a world without art, paintings, music, or theatre? How awful that would be! We must encourage and preserve these priceless aspects of our society and daily life.

A FIRST FRIDAY “CREEK WALK” is a monthly stroll to visit businesses in the A&E District who are hosting a visual or performing artist during the Walk and most serving light refreshments. Being held from 5 to 8 PM (with nightlife establishments til 11 PM). The list of stops will be available as of Oct. 18th, and will be listed in an EVENT here on the Facebook page, and can also be obtained by sending an email to: Thank you for your participation and support! There is no cost to do the Creek Walk, but you can show your support by tipping the artists and performers, and/or making a purchase while visiting the Walk stops, or utilizing these businesses in the future.