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Marvin S Cone 33rd Annual High School Juried Art Show (2019)


Honorable Mention Awards (across category):

1) “Dirty Laundry” by Anna Gray

2) “Thinking About Diversity” by Mika Fowler

3) “Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island” by Alexia French

4) “Railways” by Dina Coletti

5) “Stacked” by Ryan Ehrlich

6) “Savior of Innocence” by Isabella Gallese

7) “Fall Harvest” by Chelsea Monet

8) “Nuvoloso” by Teagan Habicht

9) “Cocoon” by Edward Dunn

10) “Tiger” by Cassidy Bean

11) “McCharles Smith” by Katherine Gorham


For Drawing:

3rd Place: “Gucci Linen” by Madeline Corella

2nd Place: “Her Eyes Were Like Saucers” by Shannon Lindsay

1st Place:  “Rhinoceros Beetle” by Amelia Stebbing


For Mixed Media:

3rd Place: “Elegance” by Aleesia Wise

2nd Place: “Sugar Coated Distress” Marina Golino

1st Place:  “Sicilian Layers” by Nina Curto


For Painting:

1st Place: “Hidden Dangers” by Riki Russell


For Sculpture:

2nd Place: “Trashy Classy” by Caroline Rouse

1st Place: “Struggles Within” by Kristy Diaz


For Photography/Digital Prints:

3rd Place: “Untitled” by Abigail Wilcox

2nd Place: “Scent-imental” by Katie Koedam

1st Place: “Bottomed Out” by Jacqueline Rouse


For Best of Show:

"That Damn Bag!” by Michael Rizzo, South Fork High School



Superintendent’s Purchase Award:  “Scent-imental” by Katie Koedam

Jensen Beach High School Purchase Award: “Safe Haven” by Kylela Covell

Martin County High School Purchase Award: “Enchanted” by Alexis Dodge

South Fork High School Purchase Award:  “The Tenuous Sea” by Caroline Curl

Clark Advanced Learning Center Purchase Award:  “Autumn Wolf” by Miguel Paes and “Abstract Dancer” by Kaitlyn Berger

Pine School Purchase Award:“Lavender Garden” by Maria Di Edigio

Supervisor of Elections Purchase Award: “Local Legacies” by Alexandra Trejo

The Historical Society of Martin County Purchase Award: “Der Jäger” by Abrielle Marksteiner

Children’s Services Council:  “Angelica” by Faith Hill

Zweben Law Group:      “Untitled” by Abigail Wilcox


Thank you to our sponsors for providing the support we need to make this exhibition possible and present awards to the students for their exceptional artistic talents. 

Palm City Art & Frame

Fox McCluskey Bush Robison PLLC

Publix Super Markets Charities

David Golden, PA

Geico - Misty Moody

Sailfish Commercial Realty

Clark Advanced Learning Center

Karen L. Barnes

Vianne Nichols

Doug Smith