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SOLIDARITY FISH PROJECT - Janeen Mason, Martin County artist, illustrator and advocate for our river and the arts, initiated the Solidarity Fish Project.  Kickstarted at ArtsFest 2013 with a WSA Grant, residents have been painting fish together ever since. 

The Solidarity Fish Project is vivid evidence of Florida's communities working to change the status quo. It is a fun arts activism event that engages the young and the young-at-heart. This colorful school of hand painted wooden fish is growing by 1,000 every time another municipality sponsors a project. The result? Monumental Temporary Public Art Installations that stop traffic and inspire stewardship. What do we want? Clean water. Learn how your community can get involved. Together we ARE making a difference. (This project began when Janeen Mason called on two other talented artists, Marjorie Shropshire, and Marcia Moore. It grew with the help of hundreds of volunteers and the passionate support of artists, environmentalists, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We love you all.)

Watch a Video about the SOLIDARITY FISH Project