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Carol A. Landeweer

Carol A. Landeweer

Born and raised in the Northeast, I was inspired at an early age by my grandmother who painted daily until her death at age 98. My fascination with art led me to discover the nuances of many mediums including printmaking, sculpture, and drawing. But, I found my true passion in both watercolor and oils. I studied fine art in college but my practical side led me into a career in nursing. After moving to Florida in the late 1980's, I found great joy in plein air painting. It satisfies my love of nature and desire to capture the essence of my surroundings. I react to the environment around while observing and collecting information that absorbed and transferred into my two-dimensional work. Being in the midst of my subject is the biggest inspiration at all.

In Florida, whether painting seascapes or landscapes full of flowers, I strive to transmit the light, airy environment with the abundance of color so typical of the Treasure Coast. Architectural elements have always been a favorite subject matter as I am intrigued with discovering and then recapturing the reflected light in cast shadow patterns.

I have had the privilege of teaching painting to students in Florida and New England and have participated in many regional exhibitions. My work can be found in a number of galleries and private collections. You can find e on Facebook or on my website

I always have my paints with me when I travel and have compiled quite an extensive collection of paintings from various points on the globe. I continue to paint out of doors every chance I get.