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Graciano Viruet

Graciano Viruet

Having an artistic side, creating with my hands has always been a passion. After being exposed to beadwork, the bead magic began bringing life to the potential that designer beadwork lends itself toward. My imagination is allowed to explore more creative designs and fulfill my passion for art in the best conceivable way.

My designer beadwork extends from beaded jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings), to beaded pictures, handmade beaded leather bags, beaded bags, and beaded sculptures, such as Native American “inspired” dancing stick with an antler display stand. All of these items are handmade and beadwork is applied to match the feel of the item(s).

My artist statement would read: “Color and design, whether contemporary or traditional, provides a creative inspiration. Glass beads combined with stones, leather, or other medium has become the canvas for my impassioned expression of natural beauty designed harmoniously into a designer artwork.”