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Holly Cannon

Holly Cannon

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to paint and draw. I earned a degree from Florida International University in Communications with a minor in Art. I worked for an Ad Agency but after having a couple kids and adopting a couple more, I hung up my paintbrush.

After 20+ years and a twist of fate, I rediscovered my paintbrush while recuperating from hip replacement surgery. I instantly found my happy place again. My love for art and creating it comes from my Faith and knowing that God has given me a great talent, that I love sharing with the world. Two years ago, I moved to Martin county from Palm Beach and found the most wonderful art teacher in the world, Brenda Leigh. She helps me get unstuck through almost all of my paintings.

I love painting wildlife of any kind, large and small. I discovered pastels while taking a weekend workshop with my art mentor, Lesley Harrison, in Montana. I adore the richness and realism I can achieve with this medium.

Every summer I get the privilege of staying with my daughter north of Seattle, as she is a Naturalist on a whale watching boat. We both share a passion for marine mammals and I am an avid photographer and continually add to my “to be painted’ folder.