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Janet Sunny Walker

Janet Sunny Walker

Sunny Walker aka Janet sunny Walker

Janet Sunny Walker is a self- taught artist. A late-comer to the art community, Sunny believed the lie told to her by a preschool teacher that she was not a good artist. Now in her 60’s, she wondered where her son, Jesse, had acquired his artistic talents and decided she would attempt to paint. She discovered that she enjoyed creating whimsical flamingos , beach scenes and contemporary artwork. Thus, she now encourages everyone who tells her they can’t paint, to just try!

Sunny has been the supervising artist for the Local & Emerging Art Tent at Arts Fest for many years. She enjoys writing and has self- published 3 books; 2 non- fictions, ‘Forever Homes & Beach Treasures’ with grants from WSA. Her fictional mystery,’Toxic Waters- A Marissa Ryder Mystery’ takes place in Stuart and is available on Amazon.

Sunny is currently working at an art gallery while writing the sequel to her mystery. Stay tuned, Sunny is always reinventing herself and her form of creativity



Phone: (772) 214-8128