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Jeanine Baum

Jeanine Baum

Jeanine Baum is a self-taught artist who works in oils and pastels. She mostly paints landscapes, cityscapes and the people that she encounters in her everyday life. Jeanine also enjoys traveling the world and painting scenes from wherever her journeys take her!

Jeanine’s diverse work has been exhibited at several galleries including Artists’ Gallery of Tequesta, FL, Alizaron Crimson Studio and Gallery, Stuart, FL, William Ris Gallery formally of Stone Harbor, NJ, Galeria West in Westfield, NJ and Depot Street Gallery in Ludlow, Vermont.

Jeanine’s paintings have been shown at several venues: The Art Studio of New York, NY, ARTSFEST Stuart, FL, The Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ, The Westfield Town Art Show in Westfield, NJ, The East Coast Landscape Exhibit in Stone Harbor NJ, the Designer House Showcase in Cape May, NJ, Dorset Library Exhibit, Dorset, VT, Sotheby’s Real Estate Collection in Ludlow, VT and at Armadillo, Avalon, NJ. Art enthusiasts from around the country have included Jeanine’s work in their collections. Jeanine often works on individual commissions as well.

“There is endless learning in painting, and I am constantly experimenting with new mediums, new techniques and new ideas. It is never boring!” As an oil and pastel artist, Jeanine finds painting outdoors inspiring. “Plein-air painting is what I enjoy most. The lighting and environment changes rapidly so it challenges me to paint in the moment!”