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Maria Miele

Maria Miele

I have been passionate about the creative process my entire life. Having taken a detour to teach After retiring from 30 years of teaching Studio Art and Photography I am now focused on answering to my own creative drive and wish to make my mark in the art world. I aspire to be a part of corporate collections, designers and help to enhance personal spaces. I have been collected throughout the years and wish to continue to grow my art brand. I love to volunteer with several art institutions that promote artists and enhance our community which is close to my own passion and where I find inspiration.

My work is bold in color and conceptually provocative. My abstracts are all a deep dive into a closer understanding of the compositions I see around me. My most recent series of abstracts are ethereal in nature. If I were to categorize my work I'd say it was American Modernism. Life, pop culture and the environment are all subjects that inspire me.