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Mark Rudolph

Mark Rudolph

I started painting at a young age, My mom was an architect and a skilled realist painter. My play pen was 3 feet away from her easel so at some point she put a brush in my hand and said "do what I do " Over the years I developed my own style, moving away from painstaking realism. Most of my work comes from my own imagination, most times an amalgamation of two, three or more scenes from an image that stayed with me. .. My style is bold and large. My work is not symbolic, it is not expressionist or abstract. It is realism and an impressionist cuvee. As an avid fisherman, US Coast Guard Veteran and all around outdoorsman my paintings emphasize sky, water, flora and fish. Humans are incidental.

Two of my pieces, "Tuna Man" and "Old Hutchinson Island House", are currently on display at the A.E. Backus Museum in their Best of the Best exhibit.