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Roberta London

Roberta London

A native New Yorker, Roberta London worked for many years in film, video and television production. Although she flirted with still photography during those years, it wasn’t until moving to Florida that she sensed the flirting stage was over and it was time for a serious relationship.
Florida’s flowers, trees and wildlife had captivated her.

London sees herself as a “through-the-lens explorer and composer.” Her composition, perspective – and especially the play of light –create a strong sense of place, and result in images that are dramatic and moving.

The guiding principle for Roberta London’s work is her belief that a fine art photograph should set a mood and draw the viewer in for a close personal encounter with the natural world. “My photographs celebrate the brilliance of nature’s artistry and open windows through which to see its astonishing beauty and be soothed by that connection to our natural world. My desire to capture and preserve those often ephemeral details and designs in nature provide the spark plug and compass for my work.”