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Tina Kraft

Tina Kraft

Artist Statement

I have an impulse to re-create the landscape, ingest it, travel through it and be surprised by the mysterious spatial and geometric connections it holds.

When I begin a painting, my initial responses often come from colors and complexities that capture my attention.  I want the marks in the painting to create a language that is connected to what I see and what it makes me feel.  I use the paint to signify the elements in nature, the air, water and matter.

I look to find an image that rises out of the truth from the things in front of me, the relationships of what I am seeing and how those things can be held together by light, color, shape and scale. The paintings represent an accumulation of moments, organized by both color and spatial structures. 

The ever-changing conditions outside make the endeavor to paint the landscape a challenging experience.  For me, the rewards of making a painting lie in discovering the painting's inner realities, its other life, through the act of painting. Rediscovering the landscape, as I interact with nature and respond with brush to canvas—that is the intent. Through these paintings, I hope to convey what I experience in nature and the type of feelings I have about painting itself.