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Will Knapp

Will Knapp

Will is a an electric bass player and vocalist in the Palm City based band, Rough Cut LIVE! His band focuses on danceable rock and funk music. You can find Will and his band members locally at Sailor’s Return, Manatee Island, Twisted Tuna, Pirates Loft, Taco Tikki and Conchy Joe’s. Throughout his career Will has earned recognition by legends such as Kenny Loggins, NYC studio great, Tony Bongiovi and others. He has performed at industry record showcases at iconic venues such as The Bitter End and CBGBs in New York City. Will's musical education started at a young age with piano lessons with his grandfather who was a concert pianist, continuing on to study electric bass and music production at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. As a lifetime musician involved in electronics and technology, he enjoys a successful career in the field of home and business automation.