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Excellence in Arts Education | Ashley Monks

Excellence in Arts Education | Ashley Monks

Passionate is a word that describes Mrs. Ashley Monks of Indiantown Middle School. She is passionate about art and about keeping the arts in our schools. She has no barriers when it comes to new ideas. Mrs. Monks is constantly writing grants, currently in her 14th year as an Art Educator. She has been awarded well over $40,000 in grant writing in her lifetime. There are no barriers when it comes to new ideas in her art classroom. She currently was awarded with a grant that helps introduces students at Indiantown Middle School of 3D printers to show students current world technology capabilities and a set of Virtual Reality headsets that takes students into museums all around our world.  Mrs. Monks art classes are no strangers to our community. Her art students participate in many community programs and activities, such as creating props and donating artwork for the Education Foundation Galas and the H20 water Fest. Along with teaching our local students art, she is currently the Middle School Division Director for the Florida Art Education Association that provides visual art educators in Florida with knowledge, skills and support that will ensure the highest quality instruction possible to all students in Florida.