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Lifetime Achievement in the Arts | Conney Dahn

Lifetime Achievement in the Arts | Conney Dahn

Friends is a choir of very unique and wonderful people! It began in 1989 with 10 members.  It was my heart’s desire to have a choir where singers with disabilities could perform to their very best whether they were able to sing aloud or not.  Each person participated with their set of talents, signing, using their voice without words and using their voice with words.  It has been beautiful for over 30 years and brought smiles and tears to everyone that heard them.  But Friends is more than singing!  Audiences that heard them had no idea of the talent that people with disabilities have.  Friends opened the door to the community for employment and inclusion because of the enthusiasm and demeanor they displayed wherever they were invited. Friends has performed all over the state, Tallahassee for the Arts for A Complete Education, state Student Government Conferences, Council for Exceptional Children State Meetings, Martin County LEADership, and many, many others.  Friends was the best of the best at all their performances!  It has been my honor and privilege to serve these awesome people!