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MartinArts Awards

mARTies Nominees & Student Nominees

Cheryl (Charlie) Cote

Cheryl (Charlie) Cote

“As a visually impaired artist, I want my creations to represent the internal struggles so many people face daily, suffering with their own physical, emotional, and psychological challenges.  I want the titles of my works to reflect the inspirational roots of my artwork and draw the onlooker into my world.  Moment of despair, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness are things we all experience at one time or another.  But those difficult times are countered in our lives with hope, courage, persistence, triumph, and happiness.  My work is intended to vividly convey these life experiences in a visual presentation and inspire others to overcome their own personal challenges.”  Cheryl ‘s work has been displayed at five places in Stuart, at Marker 23, Ubuntu Fish Gallery, The Palm Room, Elliott Museum, and RCK Gallery. At the Fox Club in Palm City, and at Art Box in St. Augustine, Fl.