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MartinArts Awards

mARTies Nominees & Student Nominees

Christopher Carnes

Christopher Carnes

I love to use my art skills and creativity to educate and inspire people on how to make a change in the world.”  An example is his piece Affected.   It shows a beautiful ocean scene, depicting a young sea turtle swimming.  But when you shine a UV light, you are able to see the toxic algae in the water, and the skeletons of the turtle and fish, showing the plastic and man-made pollution in their systems.  For five years Christopher has worked with students of all ages at Visionary School of the Arts and within the Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County.  He has participated in art projects to help Catch the Wave of Hope, WaterFest, and a firefigher’s charity.  He is a student at South Fork High School. While he doesn’t plan to be an Art major in college, he does plan on painting and using its tools, creativity, and mindset throughout his life.