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MartinArts Awards

mARTies Nominees & Student Nominees

Gale Baker

Gale Baker

“I am lucky to have experienced almost every form of the creative arts, from performing, writing plays, musicals, screenplays, and working as a reporter, to directing, marketing, and attempting to paint.  I believe that artists are a part of educating and helping young people to communicate and socialize.  I love to make people laugh, and occasionally wipe a tear away.  But I also try to be socially responsible and have tackled subjects like domestic abuse, pharmaceuticals, alcoholism, sexual abuse, and aging and isolation.”  Gail is an award-winning author and playwright.  She has written over a dozen books, and even more plays including dramas, comedies, and musicals.  In recognition of her literary work, she has received numerous awards including The Drama-Logue Award, the Editor’s Choice Award for the National Library of Poetry, and Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets. She lives in Palm City and is very active with The Barn Theatre.