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Kaitlyn Berger

Kaitlyn Berger

Kaitlyn is a student at the Clark Advanced Learning Center.  She says, “Art motivates and inspires me like the power of a hundred horses, galloping frantically away from their trainers.  I spend hours a week sifting through artist’s work on the internet trying to learn from their techniques and create my own.”  She loves both the perfection and imperfection in art knowing that perfection is at best a rarity, and more often a fallacy.  “The feeling of inspiration, the frantic rush to the easel, and the satisfying result always keeps me coming beck, to try harder and to do better.  It is this adrenaline rush to get my ideas onto the canvas before they fade away” that she cherishes.  Kaitlyn is a member of the National Honor Society, and the National Science Honor Society.  She says, art drives my happiness, begging me to return at all hours of the day.

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