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MartinArts Awards

mARTies Nominees & Student Nominees

Lauryn Klostreich

Lauryn Klostreich

Whether it was the rhythmic jazz in Seattle, the brass hymns of my church, or the tunes of the Montana countryside, I grew up immersed in the word of music.  It became a catalyst for my life allowing me to develop my intellectual abilities by thinking critically and creatively about the possibilities of a piece like smooth flowing phrases, grand crescendos, the clash of cords, or the suspense of ritardando.  As I pursued mastering Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, I connected possibilities in music to the countless methods of mathematics and ways to annotate a passage.  As I strove to better myself musically, I bettered myself academically.”  Lauryn is a student at Martin County High School.  In addition to her musical contributions there, she has participated in the Four County Honor Band, received Superior rankings at the State Solo and Ensemble level, and played in the Christmas Orchestra at her church.  She is seeking a legal career in social justice and supporting music as the foundation of existence with its power to uplift and join people together.