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MartinArts Awards

mARTies Nominees & Student Nominees

Sophia Liano

Sophia Liano

Every time I step on a stage to perform, whether it’s for a show, advocacy, charities, fairs, etc., I feel infinite.  There is nothing that gives me as much excitement and pure joy as performing does.  It gives me a special thrill when I am able to use my talents to advocate and take a stand on issues important to me others experiencing obstacles.  As an IB student, President of Drama Club, Swim Captain, and National Honor Society President, I’m always implementing my passion for the arts and I will never stop performing because of the life and joy it brings to me and the audience.”  Sophia is a student at South Fork High School.  She has performed in 17 community productions, 7 regional professional productions and 5 film, television commercials.   She plans to major in Theatre Arts in college and her goal is for a career in acting.