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MartinArts Awards

Nominees & Student Nominees

Aida Gonzalez Fry

Aida	Gonzalez Fry

“At one year old I was drawing on the white cardboard in my father’s dry-cleaned shirts.  I often looked down to see what sculpture or image the sidewalk had to offer me.  Fast forward to college where I became an Art major with an emphasis in design.  I also took classes in figure drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and color theory.  Most recently I worked with over 60 librarians during an hour and a half conference interlude to create a piece of art for the Blake Library.”  Familiarity and empathy with the female form as well as a command of color are Aida’s strong suits.  Her current figurative paintings evolve from purely abstract origins and explore the human experience.  Her knowledge of color has let to major architectural color commissions throughout the United States.