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MartinArts Awards

Nominees & Student Nominees

Annaleise Terpening

Annaleise Terpening

“Art as a whole, has followed me throughout my life in many forms.  It is a place of relaxation and escape for me.  I have always been fascinated by the power of words, how some carry more weight and impact than others, and how these simple squiggles of lines on paper can form entire worlds in your mind.  Absorbing these words, I have come to appreciate and understand the art of imagery and storytelling.  An artist’s most deep and secretive thoughts are found in their work; all of their emotions no matter their state are poured into it.  It is the physical embodiment of the artist’s soul, a fingerprint of his or her consciousness.  And it is with this realization that it is important to me and why I carry a passion for it.” Annaleise is a student at Martin County High School.