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MartinArts Awards

Nominees & Student Nominees

Emily Brown

Emily Brown

“My freshman year was cut short due to Covid-19 which served as both a blessing and a curse.  While the isolation of it was difficult it freed up time for creativity and experimentation in art.  I experimented with playing new musical instruments as well as new art mediums, most notably digital are and jewelry making.  The biggest takeaway that I have from this is that if I didn’t have people around me encouraging my artistic journey, I wouldn’t have the same level of enthusiasm for that that I do today. A lot of my passion stems from my community.  I am surrounded by artists showcasing their work in small shops and restaurants.  Walking through parks I stop to admire the unique and intricate sculptures incorporated into the scenery.  My passion for the arts truly stems for this encouragement.  Emily is a student at South Fork High School.