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MartinArts Awards

Nominees & Student Nominees

Hollyn Lewis

Hollyn Lewis

“The arts bring out my best self.  It’s a way to connect with others and give of yourself.  There are many forms of art that I love to discover, explore, create, and self-express.  When I was 14 I started a small baking company called Hollyn Bakes.  I still receive requests for personalized creations to fit various occasions.  Another creative interest is creating personal bullet journals that can be filled in and enjoyed.  I also coordinate with an assisted senior living community to teach art classes twice a month for painting and various other forms of art.  Often people say there isn’t much money to be earned within the field of art, but art is everywhere, in just about every home, in the way our technology and everyday products are designed and showcased.  Life without art would be dull and uneventful.”  Hollyn is a student at South Fork High School.  She plans to major in Art in college and possibly double major with business or psychology.