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MartinArts Awards

Nominees & Student Nominees

Karolina Thomas

Karolina Thomas

“My passion for the arts is undeniable and forever malleable.  My driving force, the reason I now draw, paints, and even write sometimes is the yearning for an outlet to communicate with someone I had trusted, even if it was simply to the blank pages in front of me.  I communicate to the world what it is like to be me, and what they see, I hope, is some version of their own lives and struggles.  I am passionate about the arts because I understand the gravity of the change it brought to me.  I let the inner child explore the world she was denied.  Art wasn’t always easy for me to accept because as much as it is beautiful it has the power to move people to places that they aren’t quite ready to find.  But I vowed that I would allow myself to move willingly because all I am exploring is my mind and I am thankful for that.”  Karolina is a student at South Fork High School.