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  • Awards List – Marvin S Cone 31st Annual High School Juried Art Show (2017)

    Honorable Mention Awards (across category):
    1) “Window” by Hannah Gershowitz
    2) “Love is Blind” by Ryan Chimelis
    3) “Old Machine” by Calvin Adams
    4) “Colors” by Alyssa Macchia
    5) “Safe Haven” by Juliette Afshar
    6) “Autumn Blaze” by Christopher Vitale
    7) “Bubble” by Adrienne Lourens
    8) “House of Refuge” by Brook Mejias
    9) “Unmourned Death of Acquiescence” by Lauren Cook
    10) “Resilience” by Priscila Ambrocio

    3rd Place: “Gold” by Brynn Johnson
    2nd Place: “Family Dogs” by Heidi Neff
    1st Place: “Purr-gatory” by Mackenzie Comp

    Mixed Media:
    3rd Place: “Inner Light” by Zackary Archer
    2nd Place: “Glimpse into the Artist’s Mind” by Mayble Bright
    1st Place: “Youthforia” by Jimmy Mendez

    3rd Place: “Il Soffio Della Vita” by Lia Lobosco
    2nd Place: “Bridge” by Sarah Wetterer
    1st Place: “Aunt Lou” by Theresa Legein

    3rd Place: “Eye Dude” by Rachel Maunus
    2nd Place: “Lines, Signs, and Rhymes: by Stephanie Wildes
    1st Place: “I Love Rock and Roll” by Tierney Henkel

    Photography/Digital Prints:
    3rd Place: “Make Music Not War” by Ryan Chimelis
    2nd Place: “Sisterly Love” by Phillipa Parnevik
    1st Place: “Eyes: by Macy Washer

    Best of Show: “Wildebeest Cousins” by Adelle Bunandt, Jensen Beach High School


    Superintendent’s Purchase Award: “Orchids” by Anastasiya Valevski

    Jensen Beach High School Purchase Award: “Stripes” by Christopher Vitale, “Lady of the See” by Stephanie Wildes

    Martin County High School Purchase Award: “Emergence” by Emma Turner, “State of Mind” by Ivy Beaton

    South Fork High School Purchase Award: “Youthforia” by Jimmy Mendez, “Apothocary” by Hannah Toth

    Clark Advanced Learning Center Purchase Award: “Window” by Hannah Gershowitz

    Pine School Purchase Award: “Eyes” by Macy Washer

    Supervisor of Elections Purchase Award: “House of Refuge” by Brook Mejias

    Elliott Museum Purchase Award: “Lines, Signs, and Rhymes” by Stephanie Wildes

    Zweben Law Group: “The Wait” by Olivia Dodge