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Harvesting the Arts

Creativity is an executive-level skill craved by employers in all fields. Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes, Inc. says, “The success of my family’s business depends on finding and cultivating a creative and innovative workforce. I have witnessed firsthand the power of the arts in building those business skills.” 

MartinArts provides a supportive infrastructure for the creation and enjoyment of art. In the process, it helps build a sense of place and cultivates a continuum of thinkers from all walks of life. MartinArts provides three distinct benefits to the community it serves:

First, it is the connective tissue that binds artists together with their community. It’s one of the first stops for people who want to share their own creativity or enjoy that of others.

Second, it is an economic driver. MartinArts was formed in 1980. By 1986 a group of business leaders and developers had become involved through the Economic Council of Martin County. They knew this fledgling community needed a thriving arts scene to build a vibrant community.

And third, MartinArts helps to cultivate potential. The students of today are the artists and patrons of tomorrow. MartinArts is a strong ally for K-12 schools. The arts are important in K-12 education, but not because each person becomes an artist. It is to encourage creative thinking and ultimately foster better community members.

The work of our mission is supported through a generous mix of individuals, members, businesses, and foundations. However, as our programs grow, so must our network of friends who financially support us. To that end, we are hosting our second “Harvesting the Arts” luncheon on Wednesday, March 13. The luncheon will be held at Kai Kai Farms and will gather a group of approximately 120 friends with the capacity and passion to support our organization. Sponsorship of this event covers the costs which means 100% of the donations we receive from the event go to serving our mission! 

For more information or to inquire about attending this event, please email, Nancy.

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