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News & Notes

Annual Membership Meeting

I hope to see you on September 12, 5-6 PM for the annual meeting. The agenda will start promptly at 5 PM. 

The annual meeting agenda includes a presentation of the year that is about to finish including information about some changes coming to The Arts Council and the Arts Foundation of Martin County as you know them.
An important responsibility for our members, per our by laws, is to vote on proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation. You can review those changes via this link. 

Hurricane Dorian

The Arts Council and the Arts Foundation Offices will be closed on Friday, 9/30/2019, for Hurricane Dorian preparations, and for the duration of the Labor Day Holiday weekend. Stay tuned on Facebook for updates, post-storm. Stay safe everyone!

Don't Miss... Courtroom Sessions closes August 31

The Court Room Sessions exhibition is a contemporary art showcase. Many of the artists have strong voices about current issues facing our country. Art has for centuries been a way for civic dialogue to take place around social and political issues. A recent Americans for the Arts study noted that 67% of Americans believe "the arts unify our communities regardless of age, race and ethnicity." University of Pennsylvania researchers have demonstrated that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare, and lower poverty rates.

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