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WSA Grant Applications and Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

Women Supporting the Arts GRANT INSTRUCTIONS

All applicants must complete the required fields of the application and attach required additional documentation. Required attachments include:

  • A project budget using the Budget Form. (Download the Form Below) 
  • Brief (one page or less) Resume/Bio or Organizational History
  • Board of Directors list (if you are a nonprofit)
  • A copy of your IRS 501(c)3 Letter (if you are a nonprofit)

Applications must be completed on this online form between the dates of SEPTEMBER 25, 2024. Handwritten or incomplete applications will not be considered. This form must be used (no substitutes). There is no requirement for submitting hard copies of the application. 

It is highly recommended that you compose your narrative for the questions in another program and then copy/paste them into the online form. There is no option to save the form and return back to it to finish later. Once you hit submit, it is complete and you will receive an email with a copy of your application. This will confirm that you have completed the process. 

For your attachments the preferred file format is PDF. Please be mindful that our members who review these grants may not have access to a file if it is not a generally accessible format and that may decrease your grant's appeal. 

Women Supporting the Arts GRANT GUIDELINES

Assessment Criteria

In reviewing grant applications, the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Value to the community in strengthening the arts.
  • Merit of the program, project, scholarship, or internship.
  • Increases public awareness of and participation in the arts.
  • Partnerships and collaborations with existing community resources.

Selection of Grant Recipients

  • Review and selection process is the sole responsibility of Women Supporting the Arts and its members.


  • WSA welcomes grant applications from organizations and/or individuals providing arts enhancement opportunities for Martin County artist and arts-related programs, projects, scholarship and internships. Collaborative projects and events are eligible.

Conditions of Funding

  • As a prerequisite of funding, grant recipients agree to give recognition to MartinArts and Women Supporting the Arts. Grants shall only be used for the purpose(s) outlined in the application. Changes in scale, activities, and timeframe must be reported promptly to us. If a grantee has not completed the previous year’s grant or submitted a report, they may not be considered for funding.

Funding Limitations

WSA does NOT provide grant funding for:

  • Projects and programs retroactively
  • Deficit reduction
  • Religious or political purposes
  • Operating support
  • Private entertainment, food and beverages


  • Grant Application Information Session: Wednesday, August 21, 5:30PM, Court House Cultural Center, 80 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart
  • Deadline for Application: Wednesday, September 25, 5PM
  • WSA Members Review Applications: October/November
  • Grant Applicants Notified of Grant Status: No later than November 20, 2024
  • Grants Paid: January 2025


The application requires use of our grant budget form. There are some basic instructions on the form itself. Your will be required to upload the budget form with your application. 

Tips for completing your budget: 

  • In Kind Expenses and Income should match. They essentially "wash each other" out on the budget form but often represent important donated services or products that make a project work. List only items that you would have purchased if the donation weren't available which is why it shows on both the income and expense budget. For example, a local business donates clay to use in a ceramics project. The expense is listed in COLUMN C Other A (Fill in Project Supplies or Clay, if you prefer) and again in Column C on the income side under Corporate Support. 
  • You can have expenses and income in the same line in both the expense and the income budget. You may want to split a cost across columns. For example, you have a donation of some supplies for a project but not 100% of what you need, so you are including it in your grant, too. The appropriate amounts would show in the same line of the budget but in both columns (or all three if that is the case). In this case, on the income side, the donation would show on the appropriate line related to the source of the donation, but the portion that is a part of the grant request will only be reflected in the Grant Amount Requested box. 
  • Keep it simple. Provide any clarifications or expansions in the grant application under Budget Narrative. You can explain anything you think our members may question when reviewing the grant. 
  • The most important part of this is to let the excel spreadsheet do the math for each column and for the totals for you. The total project budget and total project revenue boxes should be the same amount when you finish your budget. You may have excess income you aren't reporting but that just means you've been successful in recruiting sponsors or ticket buyers if its that kind of project. This budget isn't designed to capture that. 

If you have questions about this form, or any other part of the application, please call or email Nancy K. Turrell, 772-288-5397 or or Tori Hill at or 772-287-6676 ext 6. 

Apply for a Women Supporting the Arts Grant (deadline September 25, 2024).