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Grant Application

WSA General Program Grant Application

Rev. June 2022

Application Deadline: 9/15/2022

Application must be typed into the online form. It is recommended that you write your text in another program and then copy/paste it into the form fields. The application can not be saved to come back to at a later time. You will be sent a copy of the application after you submit it. 

(if different than above; required for an organization)
Address Line 1 *
Address Line 2
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
ext Extension

General Overview & Project Information
Please be brief but descriptive; name of project will be used in grant-related PR)
Use numbers only no symbols, please.
Artistic Discipline
Project Type
You may select more than one type if it applies.
Keep your description to a maximum of 75 words. This text may be used to describe your project.
if applicable (not relevant for individual artist projects)
Only related to organizational applications.
I, or my organization, has received a grant from Women Supporting the Arts in the past.
Estimate your total outreach for the project.
Is this a new project?
For example: City of Stuart, Indiantown or the Treasure Coast
If none, say N/A.

Grant Narrative
Include the who, what, where, when and how for your project. Include details such as a description of your proposed audience, dates of performances, a project timeline, and locations.
Please describe the overall value of the proposed program to our community.
Include your anticipated immediate results as well as any long lasting impacts you anticipate.
If applicable, describe any partnerships or collaborations that relate to your project.
We recommend including letters of support from partnering artists or organizations.

Please upload the project budget.
No file selected
The required form can be found at
Not required but can provide valuable insights to your budget.

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Upload a Board List and a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 letter required for all nonprofits). Letters of support may be uploaded here or other elements that support your request such as photos. PLEASE limit your additional attachments to a maximum of 6 items.
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To select multiple files you need to select all the files and either drag them into the box, or click to open up the file manager box and then select multiple files at one time.