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Marvin S. Cone Annual High School Juried Art Show

Awards List

Marvin S Cone 37th Annual High School Juried Art Show (2023)


    Honorable Mention Awards (across category):
    1. “The Passover Lamb” by Hailey Resetar
    2. “Gopher” by Mia Gifford
    3. “Utter Chaos” by Kira Eason
    4. “Raindrops” by Ava Maniscalco
    5. “Table Talk” by Chloe Tolton
    6. “Ruby Reds” by Sophia Fuentes
    7. “Sunset at the Shore” by Olivia Oldford
    8. “Close to Death” by Sophia Cancilla
    9. “Culture Magazine Japan” by Mei Lee
    10. “The Queen” by Isabella Rivera

    For Drawing:
    3rd Place: “The Crosswalk” by Nina Puma
    2nd Place: “Untitled” by Mariia Bardadym
    1st Place: “A Colorful Arrangement” by Evelyn Arnston

    For Mixed Media:
    3rd Place: “View Point” by Alayna Long
    2nd Place: “Reliance” by Olivia Zaccheo
    1st Place: “Max Calaveras” by Christian D. Conte

    For Painting:
    3rd Place: “Goddess of the Stars” by Katelyn Khin
    2nd Place: “Portrait of Emma” by Olivia Oldford
    1st Place: “The Man I Saw Who Saw Himself” by Tatum Bean

    For Sculpture:
    3rd Place: “Ramen Adventure” by Sydney Gundlach
    2nd Place: “Giving Your All” by Brett Sarcia
    1st Place: “La Crab” by Riley McGuire

    For Photography:
    3rd Place: “The Vision of the American Dream” by Ava Pearl
    2nd Place: “Escape” by Brooke Vanderwarn
    1st Place: “Mixed Emotions” by Keziah Anderson

    For Best of Show:
    “The Hand You're Dealt” by Hollyn Lewis


    Superintendent of Schools, MCSD
    “Sheltered” by Sophie Araque-Liu

    Jensen Beach High School
    “Untitled” by Mariia Bardadym

    Martin County High School
    “Utter Chaos” by Kira Eason
    “Gopher” by Mia Gifford

    South Fork High School
    “Sweltering Dreamscapes” by Karolina Thomas
    “Sunset at the Shore” by Olivia Oldford

    Clark Advanced Learning Center
    “Untitled” by Olivia Nelson

    The Pine School
    “Mixed Emotions” by Kezaih Anderson

    Martin County Supervisor of Elections
    “The Vision of the American Dream”
    by Ava Pearl

    Historical Society of Martin County
    “Oblivion” by Tyrah Othman

    Comm. Harold Jenkins, District 3
    “Birds on Posts” by Jaime Lopes

    Education Foundation of Martin County
    “Dusk 'till Dawn” by Gabriella Benedetti