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Who We Are

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Arts Foundation for Martin County, DBA MartinArts, is a nonprofit organization that develops activities and programs that foster and support the arts and cultural community. MartinArts works in partnership with the cultural sector in our region.

Responsibilities and Powers of the Board of Directors:

  1. Establish policies for administering the program and services, which are in harmony with the purpose and mission.
  2. Direct and evaluate the CEO in partnership with the Council.
  3. Secure funds required for our budget and projects by mobilizing the volunteer and staff resources resulting in active participation in our funding raising efforts.
  4. Ensure that the financial affairs of the agency are conducted on a responsible basis in accordance with established policies.
  5. Provide input and monitor progress on our strategic plans.
  • Tony Anderson
  • Elizabeth Bonan, Chairperson
  • Neil Capozzi
  • Dr. Anita Caswell
  • Denise Ehrich
  • Sharon Holt
  • Duncan Hurd, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish, Past Chair
  • Mary Ann Loomis
  • Lisa Renee Ludlum
  • Marney McKee
  • Nina Nicolosi
  • Tom Pence, CPA
  • Jennifer Powers
  • Ed Smith, Treasurer

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