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Past Exhibitions

Marvin S. Cone 34th Annual High School Juried Art Show

Marvin S. Cone 34th Annual High School Juried Art Show

Marvin S Cone 34th Annual High School Juried Art Show (2020)

Featuring art work from students of Martin County, Jensen Beach, and South Fork High Schools, The Pine School, and Clark Advanced Learning Center.

Due to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines, the Court House Cultural Center and its galleries are closed to the public. As such, we are not able to present this annual exhibit in its traditional format, but will instead showcase the talented students of our community via a virtual gallery.

EXHIBIT DATES May 15 - July 31, 2020



Honorable Mention Awards (across category):
1.    The Contradiction by Amelia Stebbing
2.    Squid Eye by Madison Verpaele
3.    Timothée Chalamet by Rachel McNulty
4.    Sandwich by Connor Ragland 
5.    The Blue Life by Kylela Covell
6.    Florida Falls by Daria Behrens
7.    Trapped by Mika Fowler
8.    The Fight Against Fate by Amelia Stebbing 
9.    Creature of the Black Lagoon by Madi Boudreau
10.    Two Headed Snake in a Field by Scarlett Brooks 

For Drawing:
3rd Place: Russian Figures by Megan Gorie 
2nd Place: Taking Pictures by Brianna Gibson
1st Place: Jelly Bean by Gigi Copeland
For Mixed Media: 
3rd Place: Nefertiti by Cassidy Bean
2nd Place: I Will Choose Freewill by Nina Curto
    1st Place: Unrequited by Isabella Gallese

For Painting:
3rd Place: Sarah by Shanna Windham
2nd Place: Vernazza , Italy by Teagan Carregal
    1st Place: Nuit de Gaiete' by Fiona Cobler

For Sculpture: 
3rd Place: 
2nd Place: The Lion, the Witch, and the  Wardrobe by Hailey Smith
    1st Place: Burning Books by Abigail Jatczak

For Photography/Digital Prints: 
3rd Place: Broken Record by John Sexton
2nd Place: Exhaustion by Alaya Fagan
    1st Place: Lord of the Light by Justin Devito

For Best of Show: Sempre (Always) by Isabella Lake


Marvin S Cone 34th Annual High School Juried Art Show (2020)


Superintendent's Purchase Award: 
Jensen Beach High School Purchase Award:     
    Unrequited by Isabella Gallese
Martin County High School Purchase Award:     
    Sunflowers at Sunrise by Miyah Lebofsky
    Florida Falls by Daria Behrens
South Fork High School Purchase Award:      
    The Silent Journey by Alexandra Trejo            
Clark Advanced Learning Center Purchase Award:      
    Alice and the Carousel by Jordan Bassett
Dolled Up by Rianna Lepak
Pine School Purchase Award:     
    Into the Sun by Celina Budd
Supervisor of Elections Purchase Award:       
    City In A Cup by Juliana Vallone, CALC

The Historical Society of Martin County Purchase Award:  
    Nuit de Gaieté by Fiona Cobler, SFHS