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Past Exhibitions

Marvin S. Cone 38th Annual High School Juried Art Show

Marvin S. Cone 38th Annual High School Juried Art Show

Featuring art work from students of Martin County, Jensen Beach, and South Fork High Schools, The Pine School, and Clark Advanced Learning Center

Exhibit Dates: April 30 - June 22, 2024

Cover Image: Best of Show 2023 “The Hand You're Dealt” by Hollyn Lewis, South Fork High School



For Best of Show:

  • “The Other Woman” by Nina Puma

For Drawing:

  • 3rd Place: “Fifteen” by Victoria De Koekkoek
  • 2nd Place: “What is She Doing?” by Kennedy Maehl
  • 1st Place: “Burn Out” by Madison Movchuk

For Mixed Media:

  • 3rd Place: “The Wandering Wonder” by Teagan Magennis
  • 2nd Place: “Resistance” by Jessica Cordes
  • 1st Place: “Ringing In the Dragon” by Mei Lee

For Painting:

  • 3rd Place: “Shapeshifter” by Daphne Dalton
  • 2nd Place: “Undine Rising from the Fountain” by Avery Stewart
  • 1st Place: “Sir Bucksworth” by Julia Argraves

For Sculpture:

  • 3rd Place: “Go With the Flow” by Ryan Lynch-De Oliveira
  • 2nd Place: “Nourishing Reflection” by Sienna Wanna
  • 1st Place: “Come and See” by Julia Argraves

For Photography:

  • 3rd Place: “Little Flowers Little Thoughts” by Kennedy Goebel
  • 2nd Place: “Sisters” by Sydney Launay
  • 1st Place: “Alight” by Brooke Vanderwarn

Honorable Mention Awards (across category):

  • “I’m Out” by Mattine Jensen
  • “2 For Tea” by Katelyn Khin
  • “Nature Undisturbed” by Alayna Long
  • “Whiskers on White” by Ella Reiber
  • “Off to Class” by Kira Eason
  • “Anxiety” by Lucas De Silva
  • “Exit the Dragon” by Ryan McGeehan
  • “Sharks” by Abigail Leiblein
  • “Grounded” by Amelie Galbraith
  • “The Girl in the Flowers” by Mia Lindstamer



Superintendent of Schools, MCSD

  • “Fifteen” by Victoria De Koekkoek

Jensen Beach High School

  • “Vanishing Home” by Kevin Xue
  • “Block Print Tile” by Hilary Equila Chumil

Martin County High School

  • “Statue of the Wild” by Jaime Lopes
  • “Alight” by Brooke Vanderwarn

South Fork High School

  • “Sir Bucksworth” by Julia Argraves

Clark Advanced Learning Center

  • “Thoösa” by Katalin Watkins

The Pine School

  • “Grounded” by Amelie Galbraith

Martin County Supervisor of Elections

  • “Shapeshifter” by Daphne Dalton

Historical Society of Martin County

  • “Rooster” by Michael Ciferri

Children’s Services Council of MC

  • “Fountain of Emotions” by Elizabyth Green