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Caryl Pomales

Caryl Pomales

My artwork celebrates what brings me the most joy in my life and keeps me curious.
While my subject matter may vary from landscapes to the atmosphere, botanical to seascapes, I am always inspired by my love I have for nature, color and travel. I thrive on the process of abstracting nature onto canvas.

As a Florida resident who appreciates the clear Florida blue skies and coastal waters alongside a lush tropical backdrop, the majority of my paintings include shades of blues and greens, pastel tints of the majestic sunrises and sunsets, and the dramatic alluring colors of the tropical flora that surrounds me.

Upon more recent introspection and transformation, my focus is looking more closely at the physical as well as creative pathways I travel. These pathways are similar to the intimate lines and shapes found in nature, that find their way into my vocabulary of design, mark making, and composition within my paintings.
I invite you to view my abstracts with excitement and curiosity.