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Christina Goudeau

Christina Goudeau

I am Christina Goudeau, an artist based in South Florida. I have been creative all my life, having dabbled in calligraphy, drawing, crafting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, photography, graphic design, and many other mediums. I eventually found my home: painting.

As a youth I yearned for an education, which led me to join the United States' Navy. I worked in computer network maintenance, troubleshooting, and computer network defense. After eight years of active duty, I earned an AA of Computer Science and BS of Human Services/Management, then moved on to information assurance engineering. I eventually left my engineering career to become a stay-at-home mom. It was during this time I felt called to unearth my buried talents and use them to glorify Christ through artistic expression and design. So, I started my career as an artist, and completed my Master of Business Administration to compliment my new adventure.

While I still often try other mediums, my primary mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal. I enjoy face and body painting as well. My work ranges from very simple and whimsical to complex depictions of my visions, dreams, and spontaneous moves in the Spirit.

It is my hope that my Spirit-led expressions of faith will bring revelation, healing, and salvation. I am first a servant of Christ, second a wife and mother, and third, an artist.