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Constance DelGiudice

Constance DelGiudice

Constance DelGiudice, born in New York, is a Florida-based artist who mainly works with oil paint. She’s drawn to life in the Victorian era through the start of contemporary times. Through this period, there was a rise in the middle class and growth in individuality, yet family connections were still strong. She attempts to capture these themes by focusing on the mundane, everyday, and universal moments. By painting daily life as subject matter, the viewer is invited into recognizable themes of warmth, safety, individuality, and sometimes sadness.

She draws inspiration from the old masters, such as Carl Holsoe, Anna Alma-Tadema, Mary Cassatt, Cecilia Beaux, and many others who depict themes surrounding females and their environments. Constance uses classical techniques in her oil paintings. She starts with an underpainting and builds layers through glazing and opaque applications. She also utilizes archival and safe painting practices.

Constance has always been involved in the arts. At first as a ballroom dancer and now as a passionate painter. She has and continues to engage in art classes for her love of learning and improving her skills. Along with her love of the arts, she has a private practice serving as a licensed clinical mental health therapist. As a doctor in counseling psychology, Constance has spent much of her life helping others embrace and express their value to themselves and society.