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Daisy McGinnis

Daisy McGinnis

Daisy was born in the Philippines. She was an educator by profession, then transition into the Financial Industry as financial specialist. Throughout her life, Daisy has always been fascinated by nature. She was fascinated by all of God's creations.

Naturally, Daisy was drawn to art. She loves to create anything and make it into something. In short, she is simply creative and also a risk taker. Whenever she has an idea, she finds a way to make it happen. Her mind has thousands of ideas and she take actions on those ideas.

During the covid pandemic, she learned to reinvented herself. She asked her loving husband (Michael Sr.) for an art set for Christmas. She was completely drawn to this new discovered skill.

A simple hobby became her passion, and her passion is now her mission. A mission to share her admiration for natures, and preservation of the world we live in through her art works. As she embarked the life of 50's and beyond, Daisy finally found her true passion, and that is painting. She also accomplished her dreamed and became a published author. Daisy lives in the Treasure Palm, Florida. A state surrounded by marine life, Palm trees, and floral scenery.