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Denise Jackson

Denise Jackson

   Denise Jackson, an award-winning artist based in Stuart, Florida, and Avalon, New Jersey, draws inspiration from these coastal communities. With a BA in Art from Rutgers University, Denise devotes her time to painting in her home studio, showcasing her work at local art shows, festivals, and galleries.
 Her art focuses on coastal themes with aquatic colors and dynamic compositions, aiming to engage and captivate the viewer. Denise employs a photorealism style, referencing her own photographs taken from unique angles and perspectives, resulting in a seamless flow across the canvas. She particularly enjoys painting bold, up-close subjects while skillfully balancing intricate details and multiple focal points. Each painting involves over 100 hours of meticulous work, utilizing glazes and dry brush blending for a smooth, photographic quality. Additionally, she extends the image onto the sides of the canvas, providing a seamless, frameless finish.

     Denise's attention to detail in her work mirrors the tranquility she experiences near the ocean. Her goal is to evoke the positive emotions associated with the beach and water, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the scenes she creates. Denise's art reflects the joy she finds in coastal environments, with the hope of sharing that sense of happiness with others.