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Dr. Helga Jensen-Ruopp

Dr. Helga Jensen-Ruopp

My eyes see the world through the colors that are reflected by light. I am constantly amazed at the true colors of nature and how they interact with each other...lights, darks, shades, intensities. I use acrylics on wrap-around canvases or wood to capture a 3D event and transfer it to a 2D surface. I am attempting to tell a story using the colors. The event is finished when the account has been told; sometimes it takes a while to tell the complete story. I wet the canvas then use a calm color on the entire canvas and that starts the journey. Initially, I paint wet on wet and watch expectantly the interplay of the colors that I've chosen. With that background, I can look at the canvas/wood to determine the next move and where it will take me and the viewer. To achieve the end results I use brushes, sponges, knives, and whatever works to get the texture and visual that I strive for.

I am a realistic artist hoping to convey a calming serene pleasant view of the ‘real’ world as seen through my eyes.