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Etheard Joseph

Etheard Joseph

Etheard is an innovative, multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and entrepreneur. His work has been described as daring, unapologetic, empowering and original. His subject matter is the environment, his emotions, thoughts, people, and dreams. He is known for his amazing and unparalleled way of storytelling through painting, photography, moving images, drawing, collage, and other mediums. He creates because he must.

He holds an A.A. in photography from Suny Suffolk Community College, a B.A. in photography and media arts from Suny Empire State College, and an MSEd in Business Education from Hofstra University. Over the years his work has been shown in art exhibitions, featured on local television, and in magazines.

A little over 2 years ago, Etheard and his family relocated to Jupiter, Florida, from Long Island, New York. Living in South Florida allowed Etheard to have the opportunity to see things from a beautiful, fresh perspective and allowed him to push the boundaries of creating art. Etheard’s new painting series is titled Paradise. The entire color palette has completely changed. He now uses happy, vibrant, and tropical colors. He paints the water, boats, people, the beach, fish, and many other things. He ultimately paints his version of paradise.

Etheard has recently started two new bold projects. ArtISts Connecting South Florida. The project is a mini-documentary film series; each episode features a different creative person in South Florida. The episodes are available on the Artists Connecting YouTube page. The other is the fishing line art project. Etheard loves nature, and he wanted to play his part in preserving it. The project uses discarded fishing lines, fishing nets, and other items found during beach cleanup to create public art. The art works will be displayed in various locations in Palm Beach County, in April in preparation for Earth Day 2024.