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Glenda Skarie

Glenda Skarie

Glenda Skarie, a painter, sculptor, metalsmith and metal clay artisan, was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Glenda currently lives in Florida where she creates one-of-a-kind paintings and wearable art. Her journey began as a child going though her mother’s jewelry box trying to find out how things were constructed and how to fix the broken ones. She has been designing and creating jewelry for more than 20 years. She also teaches workshops in her private studio in Stuart. Glenda is a certified PMC Artisan and began working with PMC in 2008. Jewelry design and creation is her passion. Whatever she does in life, art is always a part of it. The inspiration for her creations comes from life experiences and the performance of many artists she admires. Her motivation is about what she will create rather than what she created. All her work is handmade, feminine, and unique.

“The Best thing about dreaming is waking up and realizing how beautiful your dreams have become” -GS