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Jordan Silvia

Jordan Silvia

Animals, nature, and portraits have long been the subjects that fuel my inclination to draw. The imagery I create reveals my fondness of fine detail, love of color, devotion to accuracy, and tendency to spend a lot of time doing research on my subjects. Through the use of colored pencils, I have the ability to achieve a high level of accuracy, while still allowing for saturated color, dramatic lighting, and a full range of values. In each of my works, my desire is to inspire the viewer to stop for a while and take the time to discover the extraordinary colors and subtle details found in my artwork.

Each of my pieces go through a thorough research process. For example, in order to be able to draw one of my birds accurately, I need to be able to understand how they work anatomically. I study their feathers, calls, and habitat range so that I can figure them out. I reference books, research journals, photographs, and if possible, I seek out the subject in nature. Most of my work is informed by natural science illustration, but other ideas come from lore and mythology. Regardless of the subject, all pieces begin with a research rabbit-hole. I believe that my art can be used as a tool to educate my audience.