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Kimberly Beltrame

Kimberly Beltrame

I have always wanted to create; from sandcastles to culinary dishes to artistic renderings in every medium I could get my hands on. My work is representational though interpretive. I don’t paint to shock, or force you to think about the human condition but I hope my work can uplift you and even comfort you. I celebrate beauty and try to capture the surrounding energy and color. As a formally trained artist, I paint landscapes and still life paintings in oil on canvas and watercolor. Recently, I have begun to combine these same techniques and mediums while working on heavy weight printing paper which has rendered interesting results.

I see texture and color in everything and I continue to try to capture the essence of the images more that replicate the images themselves. There is usually something in particular that I am focused on that has captured my attention. I am striving to transfer that immediate ‘colpo di fulmine’, that ‘love at first site’ onto my canvas or paper and I work on 2-3 pieces at the same time, moving from one piece to the next. Lines and shape starts to jump out and speak to me as other aspects seem to fade into the background.